XOOYKI Ski Snowboard Goggles Review

XOOYKI Ski Snowboard Goggles Review
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XOOYKI Ski Snowboard Goggles: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Excellent anti-fog performance
  • Fits the entire family
  • Uses modern magnetic lens technology for firm lens fit
  • Unique lens shape that enhances visibility
  • Easy to maintain and store
  • Offers excellent impact resistance
  • Less visual interference

What We Don't Like

  • Not among the cheapest option out there

Winter sports are not an easy sport. If you want to enjoy your time at freezing temperature, you must be equipped with the best possible gear out there. One of the most popular winter sports is snowboarding or skiing, and it comes with its own set of sports gear, including snowboarding goggles.

So what does snowboard goggles do and why you must have one? Well, they do the same job as sunglasses, and that is to protect your eyes against the sun. However, during snowboarding, they also protect you from mist, fog, and snow, saving you from accidents and keeping your vision clear.

Here is one of the most popular snowboard goggles available in the market today. There are a lot of reasons why it is a good option for snowboarders. Read on to find out!

XOOYKI Ski Snowboard Goggles Review


XOOYKI is a global brand based in China that is known for its ski gear, especially its snowboarding goggles. Their latest snowboard goggles are no different, with plenty of catchy features such as:

  • Protection

For snowboarding goggles, one of the most important features to look into is the protection they offer. Snowboarding is not without risk, and if you don't have the right gear, it may result in unfortunate accidents.

The XOOYKI Ski Snowboard Goggles offers you protection from fog, sunlight, rain, and snow. The goggles also offer 100% protection to your eyes from UV400 rays. Simply put, if you're looking for anti-fog glasses that offer excellent protection from sun radiations, this one is more than perfect.

  • Built

With a multi-layer built, the XOOYKI Ski Snowboard Goggles not only protects against harsh conditions but can remain in use for years. The lens is also designed with multiple layers and coating, adding to its durability.

The top layer is of Real Revo Mirrored coating, followed by double lenses, which are an outer lens designed for UV protection and an inner lens imported from Italy. An anti-fog coating supports the lenses to add more protection.

On another note, the stretchable silicone-backed non-slip strap is made of triple-layer breathable foam to offer you best comfort. It also keeps you warm and protects against the wind.

  • Design

The XOOYKI Ski Snowboard Goggles' design makes a good fit for both male and female; in fact, it may fit your entire family, including kids. It is also available in seven different colors, so you can buy any color that you like.

In addition, the design offers you a 180-degree panoramic view that extends your visibility. The lens is fitted with a very flexible detachable back strap. You can also detach the lens when you want to clean it.

The goggles are fitted within a high-quality TPU frame that protects the lens and comes with a built-in small ventilation system. The frame also has a mini air inlet to offer you better anti-fogging effect.

The overall size of the goggles is 18cm x 8cm, while its weight is less than a pound.


Snowboarding is a fun sport, but not without the right gear. The XOOYKI Ski Snowboard Goggles is just what you need for this sport. It offers you protection from fog, mist, snow, and harmful UV rays, while at the same time improves your view. This one is a high-end pair of goggles that comes in a unisex design, layered lenses, and a perfect TPU frame that makes it durable.

Even though it cost a little high compared to some other brands, you get the best value for your money. The unique magnetic lens technology keeps the lens firmly within the TPU frame. With multiple magnet spots (eight in total), you can easily stick it to the frame and keep it in place no matter how rough the terrain is.


The XOOYKI Ski Snowboard Goggles is a great product, but what about the competition? Are there any similar products, and how does this one compares to that?

Another similar product is the Zionor X4 Ski Snowboard Goggles. Well, when it comes to color options, Zionor is a winner with 15 different color combinations to choose from. Both goggles are designed to protect your eyes against UV rays and fog, but when it comes to built and technology, the XOOYKI Ski Snowboard Goggles is a better option.

This is also why it is more expensive than Zionor. However, if you are buying the XOOYKI Ski Snowboard Goggles, you are probably making a one-time investment for the rest of your life, as it is durable. You can also change the lenses once they are damaged.

Other than that, the basic features are almost the same, as Zionor also comes with a protective coating for UV400 rays, offers 180-degree panoramic view, and has air-vents for better fog protection. It also comes with real Revo coating, with a dual lens, and uses almost the same quality TPU frame to cover the lenses.

So which one is better? To be honest, both are excellent options for snowboarders with all the features you may want in quality goggles. However, the XOOYKI Ski Snowboard Goggles comes with better built and design, but also with a higher price tag.


What are you looking for? A high-end pair of snowboarding goggles that can last for years to come?

If yes, XOOYKI Ski Snowboard Goggles is just for you. This sturdy and long-lasting product comes with features that can make snowboarding more fun and safer for you.

The unisex design makes a good fit for both genders, while the multi-layered coating and multiple lenses keep your eyes protected from UV rays, fog, and mist. In addition, it enhances your view and keeps the vision clear. Simply put, the XOOYKI Ski Snowboard Goggles is the goggles that can make your trip to the snow-capped mountains safer.

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