Smith Chromapop Review

Smith Chromapop Review
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Quick Overview






  • Wide range of colors
  • Stylish
  • Helmet compatible
  • Microfiber goggle bag included
  • Excellent fit for Asians
  • Patented Porex Filter
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Hard case not included
  • Not suitable for men
  • Changing lens might be tricky

Are you planning to go on your first snowmobiling trip? Or are you gearing up for a weekend getaway to the snowy mountains for skiing?

We can assure you that there is one accessory which might just add the right amount of thrill to your experience. Have a look at this Smith Chromapop review before packing your bags to set out.

There are various things which might come to your mind when you sit down to plan a trip to the snowy mountains. However, to ensure your safety and maximize your adventures, it is essential to carry snow goggles with you. Smith Chromapop I/OS Goggles provide its customers with the most authentic products while taking care of your safety.

Smith Chromapop Review

Founded in 1965, Smith originated in the state of Idaho, USA. The company was the first one to invent snow goggles. Over 50 years later, the brand still promises to deliver products of top-notch quality.

Smith offers you a wide variety of sunglasses, prescription glasses, and goggles. The brand does not only excel in manufacturing eyewear, but it also has a remarkable collection of helmets and apparel for you to pick from. If you wish to make your first and best snow goggles purchase, the Smith Chromapop might just be the perfect pair for you.


Here are what these goggles have to offer:

  • Build

The product is easy to handle as it weighs just eight ounces. You can easily store it in your hiking bag and whip it out when the need be. Not only this, but the goggles will also draw attention.

It has been specifically designed keeping in mind the size of the face and head of women. The Smith Goggles will not properly fit a man but will do great on a teenage boy.

The 9 x 5 x 5 inches dimensions enhance the snowmobiling experience as they stay perfectly fitted. The custom fit for people with small faces makes a huge difference because this means that the lenses do not look oversized for your face. These goggles will get the job done while looking stylish.

The design of these goggles is also super trendy. It also comes in a wide range of colors for you to choose from (25 in total).

  • Chromapop Lens Technology

Chromapop is a new lens technology developed by Smith Optics in 2013. Smith promises that with Chromapop, you can see details and colors beyond the normal capacity. It enables you to do this by providing you with two performance lenses: bright light and low light.

Once you find a suitable one for your conditions, you can easily swap the lens with its quick release system. Moreover, it takes full charge of enhancing your peripheral vision. This is done by the spherical carbonic x-lens.

Spherical lenses provide lesser image distortion and better clarity than cylindrical lenses. This is done by the highly efficient lens technology of the goggles.

Another important aspect of the supreme quality of these lenses is their TLT lens technology. This adds to crystal clear vision as it cuts out glare.

  • Comfort

A pad of hypoallergenic, three-layered, DriWix face foam is added to the goggle for your comfort. Along with comfort, it also adds flexibility to the frames.

The best part though is that you can take advantage of the QuickFit strap adjustment system, which comes with a clip buckle. This provides utmost comfort to the customer as it adjusts according to the size of your face.

  • Fog Control

Nobody likes condensation on their goggles. It reduces the clarity of vision and decreases image saturation. You don’t have to worry about any fog buildup on your lenses with these goggles.

Wondering how is this achieved? It is possible due to the 5X anti-fogger inner lens. The goggles house the most advanced technology using a hydrophilic surface that prevents fogging of your lenses.


If just reading this Smith Chromapop review has got you excited about your next trip into the snowy mountains, then we think the goggles are worth a try. With its super comfortable fit and trendy appearance, the goggles will not only take your adventures to the next level but will also make sure that your pictures turn out Instagram-worthy.

It is a good fit for women and people with small faces. As it comes with a lifetime warranty, your investment remains safe. However, the hard case is not offered with the purchase, so you may have to put an extra effort to keep it safe when traveling.


You might be still confused about picking the perfect pair of goggles, so here is another thing to help you out. We will compare the Smith Optics I/OS Goggles with WildHorn Outfitters Ski Goggles so that you can save on selection time.

The latter might be a cheaper option, but you have to keep in mind that the price tag surely compromises on certain features. Starting with the fitting and comfort, the Smith Optics is far ahead by a mile.

It is designed specifically for small faces, so it doesn’t give you the perception of wearing something oversized. This happens with the Wildhorn Outfitters Goggles as it is designed for everyone, so the fit might not be appropriate for small faces.

The anti-fog lens installed in Smith’s Goggles is of the latest technology. It enables users to get a full view without having to worry about condensation accumulating on the lenses. The Wildhorn Outfitters Ski Goggles use Aurora lens technology. This may work for some, but is still subpar and does not satisfy every customer.

The foam padding used in Wildhorn Ski goggles might produce skin irritations in some cases. If we talk about Smith’s Goggles, you will notice that it uses a hypoallergenic fabric.

Final Verdict

Keeping in mind the pros and cons, it is very clear that the Smith Goggles is definitely of top-notch quality. These goggles are a decent pick for anyone who is looking to invest in a functional pair of goggles while also vouching for money value.

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