Oakley Prizm Lens Review

Oakley Prizm Lens Review
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Quick Overview






  • The oversized structure doesn’t stop it from looking trendy
  • Can handle light transmission
  • Enhances visibility
  • Stays in place even on the slipperiest helmets
  • High-quality built
  • Can work in any weather condition
  • Available in five different colors
  • Maximizes color contrast


  • Removing the lens from the goggles is a bit difficult
  • Considered a bit heavier than other goggles

Winter is just around the corner. Isn't it great to welcome the lovely weather by planning a skiing trip to the Alps?

When traveling, warm apparel is essential, but you must keep one essential with you as well, your ski glasses. That's why we have prepared a thorough Oakley Prizm Lens review to help you keep a good one along.

When you are speeding down the hill, the chances are you may damage your eyes during collision or crash. Ski goggles will prevent that from happening. Ski goggles also protect your face from UV rays and crisp wind.

We have examined several ski goggles and found the Oakley Men's Flight Deck Snow Goggles with Prizm lens better than many similar products in the market.

Oakley Prizm Lens Review

Oakley, Inc. has gained the trust of several professional skiers since 1975. Based in Foothill Ranch California, their chairman Jim Jannard has promised to deliver top-notch products.

They also make impressive sporting accessories and clothing besides eyeglasses. Additionally, their range includes products for women.

Keep in mind that buying ski glasses is not to be taken for granted. Hence, this Oakley Prizm Lens review will provide you details about every nook and cranny of the product.


These goggles for men by Oakley have the following to offer:

  • Comfort level

Being one of the largest rimless glasses, these goggles will fit even the smallest faces without any trouble. The reason is that the product consists of three layers of foam beneath the lens.

The upper layer is made up of soft fleece, which gives the lenses the ability to fit any face structure. These lenses can also manage moisture because of this layer.

When buying ski goggles, lens compatibility with the helmet is also important. Fortunately, these Oakley goggles fit most of the available helmets out there.

  • Durability

Oakley Men's Flight Deck Snow Goggles with Prizm Lens is considered as the giant among ski goggles due to its 4.05 inches height and 7.25 inches width. The beefy plastic structure increases the sturdiness of these glasses.

Additionally, the rimless design protects it from any kind of breakage. The lens also has exceptional scratchless quality.

  • Breathability

Oakley knows that extra cushioning causes the lens to lose breathability. As a result, skiers may face difficulty in controlling their breaths and suffer from overheating.

That is why Oakley has introduced O Matter faceplate, which is thin open cell foam as part of the goggles' top. Consequently, the continuous airflow will keep you refreshed throughout the skiing trip.

  • Visibility

Fog is every skier nightmare because when fog forms a layer on your lens, you will surely lose sight of the trees and other hurdles. Thus, the inner lens of this product comes with F3 anti-fog coating.

The rimless design and double layer lens also improve your sight even when you are passing through a snowstorm. Additionally, these features prevent sun glare from affecting your vision. The frameless structure also allows you to keep an eye on every direction by combining the spherical lens.

  • Protection

With its large size, this pair of Oakley goggles covers most of your face no matter what your face structure is. As a result, sun, wind, snow, or even a storm can't hurt your eyes or most part of the face. Likewise, its High Definition Optics technology protects your eyes from UV radiation and harmful blue light.


The Oakley Men's Flight Deck Snow Goggles with Prizm Lens has features that make it a great value for money. It will protect your eyes from harmful weather elements. In addition to protection, it will improve your vision even when the sun is glaring in your eyes.

Additionally, you won’t feel out of breath after making a few rounds around the ski resort. Another advantage of these goggles is that their three layers will not only provide protection to your face but will also keep you comfortable.

However, even though they come with a rigid lens sub-frame attachment to make the lens replacement process easier, you still need to watch a few YouTube videos to successfully perform the procedure.


To ensure that we have chosen the right product for you, we have compared the Oakley Men's Flight Deck Snow Goggles with another product, which is the OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles.

Similar to the Oakley Prizm Lens, the OutdoorMaster Ski Lenses also feature anti-fog coating and dual-lens, so your vision doesn’t get affected. The OutdoorMaster Lenses also features an elastic strap which makes it easy for you to adjust it on the helmet.

One of the downsides of these goggles is that users cannot experience the comfort level that Oakley goggle users enjoy. Furthermore, it comes with a frame that restricts your vision.

The top layer of foam also often absorbs the snow. When the snow melts, it will form a layer of condensation on the glasses.

Final Verdict

As per our comparison, we will suggest that you should go for the Oakley Men's Flight Deck Snow Goggles. We believe that goggles should be worth every penny you spend and Oakley Prizm lens fulfills this promise.

Ski goggles are not only used to improve your vision but also to protect your eyes and face. We observe that the Oakley Prizm Lens performs better when it comes to both vision and protection. The high-quality material not only protects you but also maintains the comfort level you require for your skiing trip.

If you are still not satisfied after reading our Oakley Prizm Lens review, why don’t you try the product yourself? We promise that you won’t be disappointed. Even though Oakley Prizm lens is a bit expensive, these goggles are known for lasting longer than most of the ski goggles.

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