How to Defog Ski Goggles and Prevent Fogging Up from Happening

How to Defog Ski Goggles and Prevent Fogging Up from Happening
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No matter how experienced you are in skiing or snowboarding, or how expensive your ski goggles are, everyone has to deal with their goggles fogging up on the slope from time to time. Having good visibility while out skiing is hugely important so when the fogging starts, you may have to take an unplanned break to defog them before setting off on your way again.

Understanding how to defog ski goggles the right way is essential if you want to prolong the life of your goggles and their sensitive, high-tech lenses. Hence, in this article, we will give you some tips to help you prevent your goggles from fogging up so often, as well as tell you the best ways to defog your goggles and care for them in general.

How to Prevent Fog from Forming?

Goggles fog up because of the heat from your body, more specifically your face, that will heat up the air that is trapped inside your goggles. Meanwhile, the other side of the lens is subjected to freezing, sometimes sub-zero temperatures, which can cause tiny water droplets to form on the inside of the lens to create the fog. That said, here are some of the best prevention tips:

How to Defog Ski Goggles and Prevent Fogging Up from Happening 2
  • Don’t tuck your face mask in: The best way you can prevent your ski goggles from fogging in the first place is by making sure that moisture from your breath can’t enter the mask in any way. Hence, avoid tucking your neck warmer into your mask at all costs.
  • Take your goggles off: When you stop for a break or are in a people-packed gondola, don’t leave your goggles up on your head where they will be subject to heat from your head and other items. Remember that hot air rises, so take your goggles off your head completely and carry them below waist height.
  • Have sunglasses on you as well: When hiking, for example, have a pair of sunglasses with you and have your ski goggles stowed somewhere safe for switching back when you're ready to ski again so that sweat won't accumulate in your goggles.
  • Keep vents clear: All goggles should have some sort of ventilation system to help prevent fogging, so make sure that the vents aren’t blocked by your neck warmer, hat, and helmet. Also, check that they are not becoming clogged up with snow from time to time, especially if you have just been rolling around in and falling over it.
  • Go faster: As long as the vents aren’t blocked, the air will be moving through the vents in your goggles while you are skiing. The faster you are moving, the faster the air will be moving as well.

How to Defog Ski Goggles

The lenses of your ski goggles are most likely to be coated with some kind of anti-fog agent, which is very delicate so it can be easily damaged when trying to clear your goggles of fog. Don’t panic and wipe the lenses with a dirty cloth or your glove as you can not only damage the lens coating but you could also scratch the lens. Instead, follow the advice below to ensure that you get the best out of your ski goggles for many ski seasons to come.

  • Avoid using any kind of cloth if you can. If possible, stop at a cafe or bar and utilize their hand dryers. Don’t keep your goggles too close to the heat of the dryer; instead, let the air from further away slowly evaporate the water molecules and dry them out.
  • If you’re not in a position to access a hand dryer, then try taking a five-minute break. Take your goggles off and wave them around for a few minutes to increase the airflow which will dry them out faster.
  • If you do need to wipe away residue, then do so very gently with a clean and dry microfiber cloth or lens bag. As much as possible, gently blot instead of wiping.
  • You can also use an anti-fog spray if your lenses are coming towards the end of their lifespan and all their fog-resistant coating is gone. See if the goggles manufacturer can recommend a suitable spray that will work best for your lenses.
How to Defog Ski Goggles and Prevent Fogging Up from Happening 3

Patience Is Key

A good pair of ski goggles won’t come cheap, so it’s important to care for them and clean them correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is always best to try to let them dry out rather than use a cloth of any kind. Hence, the best way on how to defog ski goggles is having patience!

Of course, if it’s snowing or raining out and your miles from the nearest cafe or bar, you may have to use cloth, but you should always make sure that it is clean and made from microfiber to minimize damage to your lenses.

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