How to Change Ski Goggle Lenses: Facts about Interchangeable Lenses

How to Change Ski Goggle Lenses
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Choosing a pair of suitable ski goggles can be a daunting task due to the sheer amount of variety available on the market. Technological advancements have introduced a plethora of features that can enhance your skiing experience from built-in fans for fogging prevention, to photochromatic lenses that lighten or darken according to the day's brightness.

Photochromatic lenses aren’t always ideal though, especially if you’re backcountry skiing and the lenses can’t keep up with the changes in light and speed.

It’s for this reason that many people prefer to buy a pair of ski goggles that have interchangeable lenses. Hence, in this article, we will look at the benefits of being able to change your lenses as well as the ways how to change ski goggle lenses.

Why Have Interchangeable Lenses?

If you only ever ski in one spot on bright sunny days, then potentially you will be fine skiing with just one pair of ski goggles and stick to just one lens color. On the other hand, if you ski in various locations throughout the year, with varying conditions, and you wish to maximize your visibility at all times for safety, then you should consider a pair of ski goggles with interchangeable lenses.

Some lens colors such as rose and amber offer better contrast and visibility in flat light for instance. They are the best colors for spotting bumps in your path more easily, but if it turns out to be a really bright afternoon, they won’t help much with glare from the sun or snow. Thus, ideally, you would need a second pair of ski goggles for the afternoon, or interchangeable lenses that you can swap in and out to suit the changing light conditions.

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Interchangeable lenses can also be carried around the slope with you more easily. Almost every ski jacket will have pockets big enough to carry an extra lens and some even have pockets designed specifically for this recent trend. Ultimately, it’s easier to bring one or two different lenses with you than it is to carry one or more different goggles.

How to Change Ski Goggle Lenses?

Manufacturers of ski goggle lenses have come up with various ingenious ways to make changing the lenses of your ski goggles really easy. Frameless goggles are becoming increasingly common as interchangeable lenses become more popular and extra lenses are often sold separately for the goggles themselves so that you can buy the exact color and type of lens that will best suit the skiing conditions you are expecting to face.

Let's now learn how to change lenses for each type of goggles.

1. Clip release

Some ski goggles will have four push buttons: two buttons on the top of the frame and two at the bottom. What you need to do is pinch them to release the clips that hold the current lens in place. You then just slot the new lens into place and press the buttons while pushing the new lens into place.

2. Button Release

Some ski goggles have just one button to push which releases the current lens from the goggles, and then you put the new one into place and gently push which then locks back into position.

3. Magnetic

Several manufacturers are using magnets to hold the lenses in position. They vary slightly as some magnets are released with a click of the button while for others, you simply pull one lens off and place the other lens in and then the magnets take over and will lock the lens into the correct position.

4. Levers

Another way you can change your ski goggles lenses is by having two levers; one on each side of your face. You pull the levers up to release your current lens and then once the new lens is in position, you slide the levers back to lock it in.

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5. 360-Degree Press and Seal

Another type of ski goggle lenses that you will come across is the one that has a 360-degree seal which goes all the way around the goggle lens. What you just need to do is lift the lens out and press it back into place much like a seal on a zip-lock bag.

Lens Lowdown

It’s easy to see why interchangeable lenses have been taking the ski goggles market by storm in recent years. The ability to change your lenses easily and quickly offers you the best visibility at all times on the slope without having to carry extra, bulky goggles around with you.

What is better is that the way on how to change ski goggle lenses is pretty easy, whether using buttons, levers, magnets, or seals. That said, try out a few different ones in store to see which you find the easiest to operate before making your purchase, and then be sure to practice changing them at home before hitting the slopes. Interchangeable lenses are not only a convenient solution for improving visibility under varying conditions but also a genius one!

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