Do Ski Rentals Include Goggles?

Do Ski Rentals Include Goggles
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Like any other snow sport, skiing is quite expensive, and you’ll need several gears to get started with it. Since this is a fast and active sports, you will also need to upgrade your gears from time to time.

Luckily, some skiing gears can be easily rented, and you’ll find them in almost every other skiing store. Some of these items include ski boots, ski poles, helmets, and jackets. So, do ski goggles fall under this category? Do ski rentals include goggles, or do you need to purchase your own pair? Let’s find out!

What Are Ski Goggles and Why Do You Need Them?

Ski goggles, interchangeably called snowboard goggles, are a leading type of eyewear for extreme snow sports like skiing. These products are specially tailored to protect your eyes from cold, wind, and UV rays while also improving your vision.

Since these goggles offer much higher coverage than sunglasses, most people tend to opt for them. Other benefits of this gear are:

  • Offers greater facial coverage
  • Seals your skin from UV rays, cold, and wind
  • Traps the required heat and keeps your face warm
  • Features comfortable straps that secure the goggles on your face
  • Backed by powerful, unbreakable lenses
  • Provides a wider range of vision when compared to sunglasses
  • Compatible with several helmets

Do Ski Rentals Include Goggles?

While ski goggles are a piece of important gear for your snow sport, most rental stores do not include them. Instead, other gears, such as hats, gloves, and facemasks, fall under this category.

While you can’t rent them, purchasing these gears aren’t as big of an issue as they are lightweight and inexpensive. In case you do land up with a ski goggle for rent, there’s a high possibility that it won’t comfortably fit your face.

What’s more, your options might be limited, and the price might be inflated too. Therefore, instead of getting it rented, we would suggest you buy a good ski goggle from a well-stocked sporting goods outlet.

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What Are the Items That Can’t Be Rented From Skiing Gear Stores?

If you’re asking whether or not do ski rentals include goggles, you probably have a clear vision with regards to it. However, goggles aren’t the only gears that cannot be rented from skiing gear stores.

In this section, we will discuss the other gears that fall under this category.


Like you already know, most skiing rental outlets do not stock ski goggles. Although you can head to warmer ski resorts without these goggles, you would probably need them in colder environments.

You can check our list, for a clear insight about the features you should consider before buying ski goggles.


While you’ll find gloves in some ski rental outlets, most of them do not have this gear in your size. Since gloves aren’t that expensive, you can buy them from any skiing store. Additionally, since they are practically weightless, carrying them won’t be an issue.


Hats are especially important as they prevent your body heat from escaping from your head. Since most ski rental stores do not have them, we would suggest you buy it before you head for your trip.

Face Masks and Scarves

Since it is practically impossible to find face masks and scarves for rent, buy these essentials before going for your skiing tour.

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How to Choose the Right Ski Goggles

Choosing the right ski goggle can be a task, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Here are some guidelines that’ll help you choose the right product according to your requirements:

Try Multiple Goggles

Very often we shyly purchase the one goggle we tried for the first time. However, this is something you need to avoid. While making your purchase, ask all your questions about the goggle.

If you want to know better about the fit or size, simply double-check with the shopkeeper. If you want to buy a clear lens for nighttime skiing, we would suggest you test it in a dark room with just one bulb on. When you do this, you will know if the goggles are glare- and distortion-free.

Do not make snap decisions as the wrong gear can mar your entire ski trip.

Choose UV Protected Goggles

While choosing your ski goggles, make sure they offer protection against UVA and UVB rays. Short-term exposure to UV rays can cause sunburn, resulting in a painful condition called photokeratitis.

Alternatively, extensive exposure to these rays can permanently damage your eyes, leading to cataract and similar other eye diseases. So, to avoid these situations, choose a ski goggle that completely blocks these rays both on sunny and cloudy days.

Pick Lenses With the Right Tint

While choosing goggles for your skiing sessions, it is also important to consider the right tint of lenses. The time of your skiing or the number of challenges in the trail will help you make the right pick.

Ideally, you should choose tinted lenses that have a perfect balance of contrast, color, depth, and visible light transmission.

Choose Goggles With Facial Foam

Foam develops a seal between your face and the frame of the goggle. This, in turn, wicks unnecessary moisture away from your skin.

Goggles powered by facial foam usually have three different layers: a soft layer right next to your face for added comfort, a powerful layer next to the frame for durability, and a malleable layer in the middle for casting to facial contours.

Certain foam layers also have an added feature that prevents the goggles from heating up. So, consider these features before making the final pick.

Check out Photochromatic Lenses

Since certain people find it challenging to change lenses between skiing sessions, photochromatic lenses with auto-changing features have become quite popular. These lenses work by becoming automatically darker during bright sunlight, and brighter during overcast, windy days.

Consider Gears that Offer Fog Protection

While choosing your goggles, you should also ensure that it offers the required protection against fog. While features like venting prevent fog from entering the lens, you will also find other features like double-coating, which keeps water droplets from developing on the lens.

You should also check if the lenses come with a cleaning bag or carrying case.

Bottom Line

So, do ski rentals include goggles? Since the answer is no for most cases, buy the right pair of ski goggles before you head for your skiing adventure. You can also refer to our guidelines for more help.

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