Best Ski Goggles for Small Faces: Our Top Three Picks

Best Ski Goggles for Small Faces: Our Top Three Picks
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Are you finding it challenging to get ski goggles which fit in properly without air gaps in between the foam and don’t wiggle off at the same time? If your facial features are small and the goggles you have tried on do not fit well, then you will likely benefit more from our list of the best ski goggles for small faces.

As a ski enthusiast, one of the most vital things that should be in your possession before hitting the slopes is a fitting pair of ski goggles. A set, which fits snug around your face but still keeps off the moisture and the fog will be the best.

Best Ski Goggles for Small Faces: A Review

Luckily, you can choose from tons of ski goggles to fit into your small face. Some of these goggles have extra-warm insulation, and even come with anti-fog fans, while others include high-tech lens systems. Top brands such as Unigear, Retrospec, Unilamp, and Smith are topping the chart while bringing in the latest innovations into the design of ski goggles.

With a vast number of choices, though, we understand how difficult it might seem to get the best ski goggles. As such, we took our time to compile this informative guide for you.

1. Unigear Skido X1 Ski Goggles

It is not easy to predict the kind of weather you will encounter in the mountains, which can be brutal. The Unigear Skido X1 Ski Goggles fits perfectly onto the face and is designed with great features to protect you from the hazards in the mountains.


With a size of 9.52 x 4.1 inches, the adopted double lens of the Unigear Skido X1 Ski Goggles does better in reducing fogging and creating heat barriers than a single lens. The external lens is constructed from top quality PC, which is resistant to scratches and impacts. To add more fog resistance, the imported inner lens has been coated with premium quality CA materials.

The flexible frame of the product is crafted with TPU materials, while the face foam is lined with fleece linings for a comfortable and optimal fit, which goes a long way in protecting you from tumble or crash. Additionally, with its adjustable strap, the Unigear Skido X1 Ski Goggles also fits in perfectly with any kind of modern helmet.

The goggles also come with a 100% UV400 protection designed to save you not only from the harmful UVB and UVA rays of the sun but also from having a sunburnt skin over time.


  • Optimum fit
  • High-quality lenses
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Provides visual comfort
  • Can be used during foggy and sunny conditions
  • Can be used over a helmet
  • Comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee


  • Might not work well over glasses


2. Retrospec Traverse G1 Ski Goggles

Retrospec Traverse G1 Ski Goggles is designed to enhance your performance. Created with the latest optic technology, this pair of ski goggles is just ideal when you head over to the slopes.


The Retrospec Traverse G1 Ski Goggle with its flexible thermoplastic and ergonomic frame makes it strong and relatively comfortable on your face while you are busy downhill skiing. It is also designed with a smoke lens which comes with a grey base. This cuts down glares and adds more definition to the terrain, making it usable in diverse environmental conditions.

With the double layered UV400 protected lens, you are guaranteed absolute protection from the radiation of the sun. At the same time, you will get a perfect peripheral vision. Additionally, the lens is also anti-fog and anti-scratch.

There are also frame vents which creates a thermal layer to give you a clear vision while on the slope. On the other hand, the ternary face foams incorporated fit perfectly on the face and also around your nasal arch. This provides excellent airflow and reduces breathing interferences


  • Clear vision
  • Effective fog and UV protection
  • Great lens design
  • Compatible with snow helmets
  • Comfortable to use
  • Ergonomically designed frame
  • Comes with a one-year guarantee


  • Lens not easy to change


3. Unilamp Ski Goggles

The Unilamp Ski Goggles is designed to perfectly fit into a tiny face to protect it from strong wind, UV rays, and dust. With relatively low pricing, it is one of the best small-sized ski goggles.


The pair of ski goggles is designed to offer maximum protection for your eyes since the lens has been layered with UV protection and anti-fog treatment. The lens is also created with the latest technology to offer perfect optical clarity.

The goggles also come with long straps which make them compatible with any kind of helmet. The strap also functions to keep the small-sized ski goggles in place.

The Unilamp Ski Goggles is also versatile, as it can be used for other sports. You can use the ski goggles for skydiving, hiking, fishing, climbing, motorcycling, and shooting games, to name a few. That is all thanks to its strong framed protective glasses.

Also, since it is made of durable and top quality TPU rubber, combined with comfortable and soft cotton, as well as sturdy and eco-friendly PC plastic, the ski goggles can work perfectly in extreme outdoor conditions while giving your eyes the maximum protection it needs.


  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Fits different face sizes
  • Two-way ventilation
  • Three-layered foam protection


  • An initial strong chemical smell



Every individual has a unique face feature, and most people can only work with small adaptable ski goggles which can fit perfectly into their small face. To enjoy the best time on the slope, it is more advisable to go for ski goggles that will shield your face from the adverse environmental conditions at that height.

There are different qualities of ski goggles, and sometimes, it might prove difficult to get the best ski goggles for small faces. The Unilamp Ski Goggles, for instance, fits into any kind of small face and the price is great for the quality it offers. But if you are looking for a more classical small-sized pair of ski goggles, then we will recommend the Retrospec Traverse G1 Ski Goggles. That is because it comes with a solid frame and a premium anti-fogging coating which makes the goggles last a long time.

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