Best Goggles for Night Skiing

Best Goggles for Night Skiing
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Let’s admit it, most of us dream of being able to ski at night. With that said, there are still several folks who haven’t experienced it or don’t get to do it regularly as most ski resorts don’t offer it. With the best goggles for night skiing, it is always a real treat to experience this wherever it’s available.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who get to ski in the night, it’s important that you prepare the right kind of gear, especially night ski goggles. These come with drastically reduced lighting, which is something you will not find in a pair of ski goggles that you use during the day.

Best Goggles for Night Skiing: The Top Contenders

Having the best night ski goggles will protect your eyes from the snow and debris, as well as allow enough light to come in to help you see where you’re heading. Our team of experts tirelessly tried out quite a few goggles for night skiing from several top brands. After carefully evaluating each of them, we settled down with the following three.

1. OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles

OutdoorMaster is a company whose aim is to make nature accessible to everyone with its affordable and highly functional outdoor gear and clothing. All of its products keep you well protected while also helping you stay cool, warm, or dry, depending on the weather.

This brand gives a ton of importance to the design of its products and is constantly looking at ways to improve on them. With this company, you can be assured that your gear is highly functional and simple to use.


The OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles is a great pair of night ski goggles. What makes them stand out among the rest? Let’s find out below.

  • OTG Design and Size

The OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles has an excellent OTG design. This allows fitting glasses of any size underneath it, which means you do not have to compromise on your vision. These are sized perfectly for adults as well as for the youth. The goggles are 1.65 inches tall and 5.3 inches wide.

  • Lenses and Frame

These goggles are available in 16 different kinds of lenses, and three of them are meant for night skiing. This makes this product ideal for all types of lighting and weather conditions. The lenses can be replaced easily as the goggle has a TPU bendable frame. This frame offers increased safety and comfort.

  • Anti-Fog and UV Protection

The interchangeable lenses have an excellent anti-fog coating along with brilliant optical clarity. This dual-layer lens technology comes with anti-fog coated inner lens, which ensures you have a fog-free experience at all times.

Furthermore, they also come with 100% UV400 protection. Combined, all of these features offer years of reliable service.

  • What You Get

What’s great about these ski goggles is that they come with universal helmet compatibility. These have an extra-long elastic strap, which ensures that they would work with all types of helmets. This is great as you don’t have to spend more money on buying yourself an extra helmet just to have your goggles fit snugly.

Lastly, this pair of goggles comes with its own carrying pouch, which keeps the goggles safe at all times. It also comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Multiple lens options to choose from
  • Doesn’t fog much
  • Well built
  • Offers years of reliable use


  • While it does have an OTG design, it can be a bit tight, especially with larger glasses


2. Bolle Freeze Ski Goggles

Bolle is a company whose story began in a small town of France in 1888. It was only in 1950 where the company added safety glasses and goggles to their line of products.

This company’s products presently are distributed and worn by people all over the world. They have developed particular strengths in the specialty markets of water sports, tennis, snow sports, and more.


The Bolle Freeze Ski Goggles is quite an interesting product. Will its features be enough to make these ski goggles the best among the best?

  • Design

These goggles have a simple design. There are three different lens colors you can choose from, which are orange, lemon, and pink. The frame and the strap are black in color.

  • Anti-Fog

These ski goggles are embedded with a premium anti-fog layer on the inner lens. This disperses the water molecules across the surface, which restricts the buildup of moisture that impedes the view of the terrain ahead.

  • Flow-Tech Venting

The goggles are engineered with venting systems in each of the frames. These promote a directional flow of air inside the lens’ surface. This also reduces the potential of moisture buildup.

  • Double Lens

The creation of a dual-pane thermal barrier between the air outside that is cold and dry, as well as the moisture that is generated by the intense activity helps in preventing any condensation from getting formed.


  • Simple design
  • Anti-fog coating with flow tech venting
  • Available in different lens options


  • The build of the goggles is strictly average


3. Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles

Oakley, Inc. is a company based in Lake Forest, California. It was founded in 1975 by Jim Jannard. This brand mainly designs, develops, and manufactures sunglasses, clothing, and sports equipment.


Oakley is one of the most trusted brands in the world, and its O-Frame MX Goggles are quite popular too. Is this possibly the pair you’re looking for?

  • Design

The Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles is available in multiple frames and lens designs. All in all, there are 10 different ones to choose from with colors such as yellow-blue, orange gunmetal, red-yellow, black, and several more.

They come with a flexible frame that offers a maximized peripheral view and features a true carbon fiber construction.

  • Comfort

These goggles have a triple-layer face foam fleece that not only is comfortable on the skin but also wicks sweat away from your skin.

  • Lens

The lens is an anti-fog, anti-scratch, and impact-resistant Lexan lens. The anti-fog treatment provides a superior performance no matter what kind of weather it is outside.

Furthermore, the clear lenses allow maximum light to come through, which, in turn, offers an accurate representation of the environment as you ski.


  • Elegant design with multiple options
  • Quite comfortable to use
  • Sturdy and strong lenses


  • Allows too much air to come in, which may dry up the eyes



A majority of people avoid skiing at night since they don’t have the appropriate gear. However, thanks to the best goggles for night skiing, we are certain you will find one among the three that will fit all your needs.

With that said, between them, we personally liked the OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles the most. Other than the fact that this comes from a good brand, these goggles have a great design along with a superior built. You can also choose from multiple lens options.

Furthermore, these ski goggles come with several other great features like OTG design, anti-fog coating, universal helmet compatibility, and more. We highly recommend you buy this one.

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