Are Ski Goggles Necessary: The Ultimate Skiing Equipment List

Are Ski Goggles Necessary
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If you’re planning a winter holiday with your family or friends, then there is a fair chance that you plan on doing some skiing or snowboarding.

If you’re not new to the sport, then you already know that there are a few pieces of equipment that you’ll need.

In fact, with so much stuff to rent or buy beforehand, you must be wondering if you need it all. For example, are ski goggles necessary or will sunglasses do?

Thus, in this article, we looked at the main pieces of equipment you will most definitely need for skiing, and why you will need them.

Essential Skiing Equipment List

1. Skis

Although this is pretty obvious, skis are needed for you to be able to ski.

2. Ski Boots and Binders

You also most certainly need ski boots to attach the skis to your feet. Some boots come with ski binders while some don’t so you should check ahead of time, whether your rented or bought boots come with bindings attached or if you need to buy them separately.

Are Ski Goggles Necessary 2

3. Poles

You haven’t got a clue about skiing if you don’t already realize you need poles. Mostly, you need the poles for when you’re not actually skiing downhill, but you’ll use them more for climbing, walking, and turning around while stationary.

4. Ski Jacket and Pants

Designed specifically to keep out the cold, a good ski jacket and pants are vital for hitting the slopes to keep you warm and also to minimize how wet you will get when you fall over. The good thing about owning a ski jacket is you will probably get loads of use out of it in winter.

5. Helmet

You should also invest in a good quality helmet that will protect your head in case of a fall or accident. Just like you would wear a helmet on a bike, you should do the same on skis, regardless of whether you’ll be going fast enough to need one. You may not be going too fast, but there is still a chance you get hit by someone who is.

6. Goggles

Ski goggles should fit securely to your face and protect your eyes when skiing. Some people think that they can wear sunglasses, so they question whether or not ski goggles are necessary.

Ultimately, goggles will protect your eyes from UV rays and reduce glare from the brilliant white snow. They will also provide protection from wind and debris that is kicked up off the slope by fitting snugly to your face. They won’t fall off your face and will also add protection for when you fall over so that you don’t end up with a twig in your eye!

Goggles also help with visibility because they use specific colors to increase contrast so that you can see any bumps in your path more easily.

Are Ski Goggles Necessary 3

7. Neck Warmer

A scarf will suffice as a neck warmer, but a specially made neck warmer will stay in place better and need less adjusting. This plugs the gap between your ski jacket and your helmet and really helps to keep the cold out.

8. Gloves

Even ski gloves will get very wet when you’re falling over a lot, but you can get waterproof ones and also glove liners to provide extra warmth if you get freezing hands. The two layers also enable you to have more movement in your hands than one, thick, bulky pair of gloves.

9. Base Layer

This is the layer of clothes that will actually sit next to your skin and should stay dry at all times. Skiing can be a pretty intense physical activity, and when you need to rest, you need this dry layer to ensure you don’t freeze.

10. Sunscreen

This is also absolutely vital. Yes, it may be winter, but the sun can be fierce, especially when you take into account the reflection from the snow and the altitude at which you will be.

11. Winter Sport Insurance

If you already have a holiday insurance plan then be sure to double check how comprehensive it is since the vast majority of insurance plans don’t cover winter sports as standard. There are some specialist insurance companies that offer better cover, but most insurance operators also provide winter sports cover as an upgrade. Don’t leave home without this.

Ready to Ski!

Apart from the sunscreen and insurance, which you should sort out yourself, everything else on this list can be rented easily. We recommend you rent for your first trip at the very least as all of this equipment is needed for skiing and buying it all at once can add up to a small fortune. At least wait until you know if you are going to enjoy skiing enough to make it worth the investment.

If you are buying it, then don’t skimp out. Are ski goggles necessary? If you value your visibility on the slopes, then, yes!

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