AKASO Alkai Ski Goggles Review

AKASO Alkai Ski Goggles Review
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Review of: AKASO Alkai Ski Goggles

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What We Like

  • Absorbs impact
  • Protection from glare and UV rays
  • Budget-friendly
  • Customizable and comfortable fit
  • No fogging
  • Lifetime warranty

What We Don't Like

  • Not compatible over the glasses
  • Not suitable for night vision
  • Shipping problems

Are you interested in trying the extreme sport of skiing and snowboarding? Does the worry for safety hinder you from trying something new? Do you want to cross this hurdle by purchasing safety equipment?

Well, no worries! We have reviewed one of the best ski goggles in the market, the Alkai Ski Goggles. Read on to find out about these goggles and why this one makes a good option for you.

AKASO Alkai Ski Goggles Review

AKASO is a well-known brand that specializes in the production of high-quality action cameras. Within five years, they became one of the leading manufacturers of cameras worldwide.

Even though AKASO is mostly known for its cameras, they also manufacture several other products. These include baby monitors, drones, projectors, and even outdoor sports recreational gears. Alkai Ski Goggles are one of their top-notch and affordable products that offer you safety with style.


Upon unboxing and testing, here are the things we found about the AKASO Alkai Ski Goggles:

  • Built

The Alkai Ski Goggles has been constructed keeping all the needs of the user in mind. It has a thickened triple layer foaming that keeps you warm and comfortable, even in the cold, snowy hills. With a flexible frame and anti-slip straps, these goggles fit comfortably and securely over your eyes.

Along with those, these goggles weigh only around 1.4 pounds, which makes wearing them a breeze. They have dimensions of 3.74 x 4.53 x 8.07 inches to fit over your face easily.

Alkai Ski Goggles are available in three different types and colors depending on the VLT. A higher VLT is suitable for darker conditions while a lower value works for bright sunny days. Among the following, you can choose the one that suits your needs.

  1. Black frame/ Revo Red Lens: VLT 22%
  2. White frame/ Revo Red Lens: VLT 22%
  3. Black Frame/ Gray Lens Silver Mirror: VLT 12%
  • Lens

The most important part of ski goggles is, undoubtedly, their lens. This brand used spherical lenses with wide view angle for their goggles.

It is made up of polycarbonate material which ensures that the lens lasts you a long time. Apart from that, it minimizes scratches on the surface to give you undistorted clarity.

These lenses also have a mirror coating on them to prevent glare from affecting your vision. If you are not going to have a clear vision, you will not be able to see the slopes and thereby, risk accidents. Besides this, the material of the lens is specially selected to give you 100% protection against UV400.

  • Anti-Fogging Property

To help you see better, these goggles have many anti-fogging features. These include a hydrophilic coating on the inside of the lens and a double layer lens that creates a thermal layer.

Aside from this, you get four-directional ventilation with the help of venting holes at the top and bottom. These allow cool air in from the bottom and hot air out from the top, creating an airflow channel which minimizes fogging as well as keeps your face warm. Thus, you can get crystal clear vision to help you make those tight turns with ease.

  • Impact-Resistance

The frame of the goggles is constructed from durable TPU (thermoplastic urethane), which is resistant to abrasion as well as being flexible. Since they can be twisted, they are well-suited to absorbing the vibrations from impact. This ensures that your lens remains in their frame, giving you the best eye protection.

  • Adjustability

This pair of goggles is suitable for all sorts of helmets. To give you the best grip, AKOSA has incorporated anti-slip straps made from silicone to fit around helmets. Due to their extra-long straps, your goggles will not slip even while taking the most extreme turns on the slopes.

Moreover, the goggles are medium-sized, which fits almost all men and women, adults and teenagers alike.


If you are a beginner or a professional looking for a great pair of ski goggles to help you on the snowy slopes, then the Alkai Ski Goggles by AKASO is exactly what you need. These goggles enhance visibility as well as protect your eyes from UV rays.

Not only do they reduce glare and reflection, but they also help you see turns and bumps more efficiently. Apart from this, they fit perfectly over your helmet and sit quite comfortably on your face.


Since there are multiple varieties of ski goggles available in the market, it can be quite hard to choose one. To get rid of your confusion, we have compared Alkai Ski Goggles with the OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles.

To begin with, Alkai Ski Goggles uses anti-slip silicone straps which have proven to be comfortable as well as giving you the best grip. On the other hand, the latter uses extra-long elastic straps to fit over any helmet.

Both the options use spherical lenses in their goggles, but the Alkai goggles are double-layered, while the OutdoorMaster goggles are frameless to give you a wider view. Nonetheless, both the goggles are designed to provide you with 100% protection from harmful UV400 and are designed with the same flexible TPU material.

Alkai and OutdoorMaster also both offer anti-fogging features to give you crystal clear vision. The former one does so by using four-directional ventilation holes while the latter uses an anti-fogging coating.

Since OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles is comparatively expensive than Alkai Ski Goggles, it has many more features like interchangeable lenses and an over-the-glass design. Alkai Ski Goggles does not have such features but provides all the important ones at a reasonable price.


For a thrilling experience with skiing or snowboarding, you have to make sure you are equipped with the best safety gear. Even though both the options above offer you amazing features, Alkai Ski Goggles is quite budget-friendly as well as durable enough to last you a long time.

Not only do these goggles provide comfort and protection, but they are also impact-resistant to save you from any mishap. Now you can make those extreme turns without any worries!

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